The reason why I love dinner so much is because it’s the most celebrated of all. You can sit down with the family at the end of a long day and just fill your body with so much goodness whilst being in the company of people you love. We don’t have breakfast parties or lunch parties (even though they sound quite fun!) so dinner is pretty special. You certainly don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen slaving away with fancy ingredients. No one wants that. So all of these recipes are simple, take no longer than an hour to make, use cheap everyday ingredients and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.


Simple Tortilla Pizza

This is probably the simplest pizza you will ever make! With just one ingredient for the base, it takes 5 minutes to make and 10 to cook and you can top it with anything you like.

Satay Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry

My obsession with peanut butter doesn’t stop at sweet things. Ohh no. I put it in my curries as well! It tastes amazing and gives it such a creamy consistency. A beautiful combo of nutty peanut butter, tomato, roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, onion, garlic, cumin, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

Butternut Squash & Apricot Tagine

I do love warming veggie-packed stews. Roasted butternut squash and pepper, crunchy carrots, tender chickpeas and sweet apricots in a dreamy ginger and turmeric tomato rich sauce, with hints of cumin and chilli. Mmmmmm…

Loaded Veggie Nachos

This recipe is so mind-blowingly easy and simple make, ANYONE can make it. Tomato, pepper, sweetcorn, vegan cheese, spring onion, chilli flakes and coriander loaded onto crispy tortilla chips, dunked into fresh guacamole and sour cream coconut yogurt. Mmmm…

Roasted Courgette and Aubergine Buckwheat Risotto

Buckwheat makes a great alternative to rice in risottos. Its filling, not as heavy, packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, provides a slow release of energy and only takes 15 minutes to cook!