My First Ever Blog Post

Hello all you lovely people! I am so happy to share this blog with you. This is my first ever blog post, exciting stuff! I have been working on this since the start of the year but only in the last few months have I had the time, energy and motivation to get it to a place where it’s ready to be published to the big wide online world. I’ve actually had to make almost every single recipe again so I can give you guys awesome photos of my creations. You will find 28 recipes already on my recipe pages. That’s 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, 2 desserts, 4 sides/dips, 5 snacks and 3 drinks. Yippeeee! Every single recipe is my own and I love each and every one.

If you don’t know much about me, I’m a 20 year old healthy eating nut, massive foodie and lover of all things plant-based. I love creating delicious recipes using simple kitchen ingredients, which are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugars as me and my mum are intolerant to cow’s milk and gluten. Since cutting out added sugars from my diet I feel a million times better too. I never count calories or portion sizes and put no restrictions on my diet whatsoever. I don’t like the words diet or vegan, because that implies that it’s all or nothing and I think we should be as inclusive as possible because every single person on this planet is different. We don’t the look the same, we don’t dress the same, so why should we all eat the same food? Yes we should all be looking to cut down on our meat and dairy consumption but doing that in our own way is the best way forward. For our health and the health of our planet. Sorry, I waffled a bit there! If you want to know more about me, see my About Me page.

My ultimate missions are to inspire you to make healthier food choices and change any negative preconceptions you might have about plant-based eating.

If you’d like to see more of Ellie’s Recipes go to the top right of this page and enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts via email! You can also follow me on InstagramFacebook,Twitter and Pinterest. I am most active on Instagram!

I’d love to quote this piece from an article I read back in March. It’s so honest and powerful.

No one can eat themselves to perfect health, nor can we ward off death indefinitely, and the attempt to do so can drive a person crazy. Life is deeply unfair and some people may eat every dark green leafy vegetable going and still get cancer. But even if food cannot cure or forestall every illness, it does not have to be the thing that kills us. The greatest thing that we have lost from our eating today is a sense of balance, whether it’s the balance of meals across the day or the balance of nutrients on our plate

Bee Wilson (author of the article)

At the moment I will be bringing you guys a new recipe every other Saturday but that will probably change to every Saturday later on in the year. I will be posting my 29th recipe tomorrow (4th May) as a special blog launch recipe and it’s a good one too as it involves peanut butter!!

Thank you so so much for being on this journey with me from the very beginning. It means the world.


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